Top 10 Automatic Pet Feeder to Buy on Amazon!

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SaleBestseller No. 1
Smart Automatic Cat Feeder - 6-L Reliable Automatic Cat Food Dispenser with Display LCD Screen for Easy Set Up -Portion Control Automatic Dog Feeder - Desiccant Bag Keeps Dry Food Fresh-Voice Recorder
  • RELIABLE FEEDING - The automatic pet feeder will ensure your pet is fed at the designated time even when you're working overtime, vacationing, sleeping, or otherwise occupied. Holds 6L of pet food - 6 daily meals for 35 days for a cat and 20 days for a small dog - and you can set up to 9 portions per meal.
  • HEALTH and HYGIENE - The auto cat feeder dispenses a preset amount of cat food every meal, ensuring your cat eats balanced meals and doesn’t overeat. Kibble stays fresh and crisp in the enclosed desiccant bag, and you can use the manual button for extra treats.
  • SIMPLE SETUP - Simple-to-operate LCD screen and detailed instructions ensure you can effortlessly set up a timed cat feeder to meet your specific needs. Record a message of up to 10 seconds to call your pet for feeding time so it feels loved and cared for in your absence.
  • PET-SAFE DESIGN - The top of this pet feeder automatically locks so it’s impossible for your pet to tip it or push their paws in to grab food. The feeder has a nonslip bottom and additional stickers are provided to keep it stable when your pet tries to shake it.
  • DEPENDABLE POWER SUPPLY - The gravity feeder is equipped with dual power supply and a special memory setting so that your pet can continue self-feeding even in the event of a power outage. The bowl is dishwasher safe for effortless cleaning and maintenance.
Bestseller No. 2
Syvio Automatic Cat Food Dispenser, Automatic Cat Feeder with Dual Power Supply, 3L/13Cups Auto Cat Feeder, Pet Feeder for Cat & Dog with 10S Voice Recorder, Pet Food Dispenser 1-6 Meals Timer Control
  • PATENTED ANTI-CLOGGING DESIGN: The syvio automatic pet feeder has a push-out food dispensing structure inside. The exclusive anti-clog design ensures smooth food delivery, preventing your beloved pets to go hungry.
  • EASY TO USE: Cat food dispenser automatic uses the scroll wheel instead of the physical buttons and swipes left and right to easily create your pet's feeding schedule. The large screen and large fonts make it more intuitive and easier to see the information you've set up.
  • FLEXIBLE ALL-DAY FEEDING SETTINGS: The automatic feeder can feed 1-6 meals per day, 1-36 portions per meal, customize the feeding schedule that best suits your pet's needs. You can also replenish your pet's meals as needed with the automatic feeder's "Feed Now" feature. Helps you to feed your pet in a healthier and freer way.
  • 10S VOICE MEAL CALL: The automatic cat feeders allows you to record a short 10-second voice message for mealtime to build deep bonding and allow your pet to eat regularly, even when you're not there, and feel the security of being well cared for.
  • BPA FREE & EASY TO CLEAN: For your pet's health, all components of our pet food dispenser are BPA free. Except for the main unit that needs to be wiped with a dry cloth, the other parts of the pet feeder can be easily disassembled and washed directly with water.
Bestseller No. 3
oneisall Automatic Cat Feeder for 2 Cats, 20 Cups/5L Automatic Cat Food Dispenser for Small Pets Indoor, Timed Cat Feeder for Dry Food
  • 👍️🖱️ oneisall Dial Cat Food Dispenser. To simplify the programme, we bring out this dial feeder this year. Based on the sound of our customers, they would like to get an automatic cat feeder which is easy to set.With a dial, you could feel the programme more controlable.Just like a mouse controls a computer.
  • 👍️😺 Cat Food Dispenser for 2 Cats. The bowls are put on the opposite ways and keep 11 inches from each other. It creates a comfortable space for each cat to eat. And the opposite bowls would get the same amount of food. You don’t need to worry about your baby pets fight for their food.
  • 👍️🏖️ 5L/20 Cups Capacity - A full tank of dry food allows 2 adult cats to eat for 10 days. You don’t need to ask neighbors or pet sisters to feed your pets when you go away for weekend or vacation.
  • 👍️🎙️ 10s Voice Recorder -You can record a 10s calling message. The feeder would play the audio before each meal.
  • 👍️🥣 1 Portion ≈ 10 Grams ≈ 1/12 Cup. Allowed kibble size less than 0.5 inch. Up to 6 meals a day. The portion means the kibble amount of each bowl.
Bestseller No. 4
VOLUAS Automatic Cat Feeders - Timed Pet Feeder for Cats and Dogs with Dry Food Dispenser, Desiccant Bag, Programmable Portion Control, 4 Daily Meals, 10s Voice Recorder
  • Easy Programmable Feeding Times: Reliably feed your beloved pet at your convenience any time during the day or night. Set between 1-4 meals with 0-40 portion choices to automatically dispense food to give a personal customized diet for your pet.
  • Wired or Battery Power: Choose between a fixed wired connection with the 5V adapter USB power cable or a portable 3 D-cell battery-powered feeding station. Flexible options prevent your pet from going hungry during power outages.
  • Voice Record Meal Call: Let your cat hear your voice when it’s mealtime to create a strong bond and set good eating habits. Record up to 10 seconds of audio for your furry friend.
  • User Friendly Operation: Intuitive LCD screen makes setup and programming a breeze. Removable cleanable parts foster a healthy environment for your pet’s food.
  • High-Capacity Food Storage: The 4L/16.9 Cup (1 Cup = 48 Tsp) food storage will keep most pets comfortably fed for several days. Easily keep your cat or dog fed during long weekends and short business trips. Get the peace of mind of a full and happy pet.
Bestseller No. 5
PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder, Wi-Fi Rechargeable Cat Food Dispenser Battery-Operated with 30-Day Life, AIR 2.4G Wi-Fi Timed Pet Feeder for Cat & Dog, 2L Auto Cat Feeder, Black
  • Intelligent Feeding - Once the PETLIBRO Air automatic cat feeder is connected to the Wi-Fi (Only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks), you can easily set or change a customized feeding schedule remotely with the "PETLIBRO" mobile app, helping you get rid of the tediousness of repetitive button pressing and providing a more convenient life for you and your pet.
  • Rechargeable Battery-Operated Feeder - The Wi-Fi automatic cat food dispenser is powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium battery. It takes 8 hours to be fully charged and has a battery life of up to 30 days. It not only saves the cost of battery replacement, but is also more environmentally friendly and flexible; No more limitations of power sockets, giving you more flexibility in choosing its placement.
  • 24/7 Wireless Connectivity: The auto cat feeder has been upgraded to prevent Wi-Fi disconnection during power outages with a built-in rechargeable battery, ensuring a stable wireless connection for emergency feeding and other functions.
  • Bid Farewell to Overeating - The automatic pet feeder with app uses a lid on top which can be locked securely with just one click. Greedy pets will need to be patient!
  • Easy Disassembly and Maintenance - The PETLIBRO timed cat feeder automatic can be completely disassembled in just three steps. The design is round and has no dead corners, making maintenance a breeze and ensuring your feeder stays as clean as possible.
SaleBestseller No. 6
PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder, Cat Food Dispenser Battery-Operated with 180-Day Battery Life, AIR Timed Pet Feeder for Cat & Dog, 2L Auto Cat Feeder
  • Say No to Overeating: Tired of your pet stealing food? The PETLIBRO AIR automatic cat feeder's top lid has a press-to-lock button to firmly lock the food tank. Say goodbye to voracious cats!
  • Prevent Pet Operation: Concerned about your pet accidentally changing the feeding schedule? The PETLIBRO auto cat feeder features a control panel cover to prevent accidental button presses from pets.
  • Don't Get Tethered to a Wall Outlet: The PETLIBRO automatic pet feeder runs on 3 brand-new D Cell Alkaline Batteries(not included) or wall power, providing flexibility and convenience.Its 180-day battery life allows for easy placement anywhere without the need for messy cables. We recommend that you use the following brand-new batteries. Please search B00000JHQE and B000JCCT9Y directly on Amazon.
  • Low Food Indicator: A red flashing light and "LOW FOOD" on the screen prompt refilling for the PETLIBRO automatic dog feeder, ensuring your pet is never hungry. This light also alerts for food jamming and low battery, providing peace of mind.
  • Excellent Customer Service: PETLIBRO timed cat feeder are supported by a 24-month commitment to quality and friendly customer service. Please feel free to contact the PETLIBRO Support Team (in the user manual) if you encounter any product issues.
Bestseller No. 7
PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder, WiFi Connected, Adjustable Meal Splitter, Fresh Food Storage, Multiple Pet Use, Stainless Steel
  • Convenient APP Control: WiFi automatic cat feeder can connect to 5GHz and 2.4GHz WiFi network. Program and monitor your pet's meals anywhere anytime through the PETLIBRO App on your iOS or Android smartphone. You can set up to 10 meals per day with 1-50 portions per meal.
  • Feed Two Cats: PETLIBRO automatic cat feeder for two cats comes with an adjustable meal splitter. The unique movable meal splitter ensures food is distributed evenly, and the size of the portions can be adjusted to suit the needs of different cats and dogs. So you can be sure your pets won’t have any fights. And you can check the feeding records to ensure your cat or dog has been fed on a set schedule by APP and also can be controlled from multiple family members’smartphones.
  • Smart Notifications and Indicators: Your phone receives notifications and the machine’s indicators also lights up red when the food tank is empty, food gets jammed, the battery is low, or has other problems. The infrared sensor keeps checking and stops food dispensing if the food outlet is blocked.
  • Record a Meal Call for Your Pet: Record a voice message up to 10 seconds that plays for each feeding, and freely set the times the meal call play, your pet can feel your care even when you're not at home. When a new voice recording is done, the old one will be deleted automatically.
  • Freshness in Every Bite: Patent rotor in the tank base and twist-lock lid prevent pets sneaking into the food dispenser for extra food. The automatic cat food dispenser has a built-in desiccant bag and seals strip to keep food fresh and crispy. Food-grade stainless steel bowl provides healthy and hygienic feeding, saving your pets from chin acne
Bestseller No. 8
Espelho Automatic Cat Food Dispenser: Automatic Cat Feeder- 4L Timed Pet Feeder 1-6 Meals Portion Control for Cat& Small Dog| Auto Cat Feeder Freshness and Safety Dry Food with 10S Voice Record
  • Built-In Voice Recorder: The auto cat feeder allows you to record a 10S message that will automatically play when the meal is dispensed. Your cat will come running when they hear your voice, making mealtime an interactive and enjoyable experience
  • Timed Feeding: Our automatic cat feeder ensures your cat or small dog gets their meals regularly. Automatic cat food dispenser programmable control can set up to 10 meals per day, with 1-15 portions per meal, and holds 4L of pet food
  • Healthy Diet Assistant: The cat automatic feeder will accurately dispense the pre-set amount of cat food for each meal, ensuring your cat eats a balanced diet and reducing the risk of adverse health conditions caused by overeating
  • Anti-Clogging Technology: Tired of pet self feeders jamming or clogging? Say goodbye to those frustrations! Our auto cat feeder incorporates cutting-edge anti-clogging technology to ensure a seamless feeding process. You can trust it to dispense meals reliably, without interruptions
  • Dual Power Supply& Easy Cleaning: Espelho pet feeder supports AC power and batteries(Not included) as backup, even if there is a power outage, the pet feeder can still operate using batteries, ensuring your cat doesn't miss a meal. Our cat feeder detachable design allows you to disassemble it, ensuring thorough and stress-free cleaning effortlessly.
SaleBestseller No. 9
HoneyGuaridan 6L Automatic Cat Feeder for 2 Cats, 2.4G WiFi Enabled Smart Feed Pet Feeder for Dogs, Timed Pet Food Dispenser with Stainless Steel Bowl APP Control, 10s Voice Black
  • 【WiFi Automatic Cat Feeders - APP Remote Controls Feeding】The cat automatic feeder connects fast and stably to 2.4GHz network via bluetooth permission. It only takes 30 seconds to set a feeding schedule on the app, which is much easier than using the button model. You can feed your pets anytime, anywhere on your smartphone and view the feeding log on App to make sure the automated cat feeders is working as scheduled.
  • 【6L Visible Hopper & Feed 2 Pets】You can set 1-6 meals per day and up to 24 portions of dry food per meal at scheduled times depending on your pet’s needs. 1 portion is about 6g (may vary by kibble size). The timer cat feeder can store 2.2KG of pet food with the two-way food dispenser split meals in half evenly. You can feed 2 cats at same time at the cost of one device. What's more, the auto pet feeder can be switched between 1 bowl and 2 bowls.
  • 【Ensure Freshness】The cat feeder automatic with timer contains desiccant bag and sealing strip to keep food fresh and crunchy.And safety sliding lock lid makes it impossible for pets to open and sneak into the cat food dispenser for extra food.Food grade stainless steel bowl is removable for cleaning, ensuring health and hygiene and keeping your pet away from chin acne.
  • 【10s Personalized Meal Call】You can record a personal voice up to 10s to call your pets to eat and set the number of times (0 - 6) to play the recordings on App. The cat feeders automatic also supports disabling the speaker function when you need more sleep and not be disturbed on weekends.
  • 【Dual Power Supply】The timed cats feeder can be powered by DC power adapter and 3 alkaline D-size batteries (Battery NOT Included). We recommend using both battery and adapter. In the event of a power outage, the automatic dog feeder will continue to run on 3 D-size batteries to ensure your pets never miss a meal.
SaleBestseller No. 10
Petory Timed Automatic Cat Feeders - 4L Programable Dry Food Dispenser for Cats and Small Medium Dogs 6 Meals with Desiccant Bag Dual Power Supply 10S Voice Recorder
  • Customize Feeding Schedule: Petory automatic pet feeder with a digital timer allows you to set certain time intervals between meals, up to 6 meals daily with 1-50 portions(10g/portion). Or make custom feeding intervals for the same meal if you want your pet to eat slower for instance.
  • An Airtight Storage: Petory auto pet feeder storage has patented airtight structure, which can effectively avoid your pet get extra food if the feeder is moved or rocked.
  • Dual Power Supply: When you plan to leave your cat for several days, an automatic feeder with battery backup will keep dispensing even if the power goes out and your cat won't starve. If power goes out without batteries inside, the meal settings are memoried when power comes back on.
  • Easy to Clean: The hopper and bowl are easy to disassemble and dishwasher-safe. Made of BPA-free plastic and stainless steel is healthy for pets.
  • Replaceable Food Rotor: Petory F01 contains 10g food rotor (1 serving is about 1/10cup), if the amount per rotation is too much for your pet, you can buy a 5g rotor (B0BZNTGNNS) for replacement.